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Recommended Outdoor Swimming Pools in Tokyo

Recommended Outdoor Swimming Pools in Tokyo

During the sweat-drenched summer months, it's always fun to take a dip in one of Tokyo's outdoor pools. Here's a selection of outdoor pools in Tokyo (as of April 2016) that are mainly for families to enjoy during the summer.

Adventure Lagoon (Tokyo Summerland)

Tokyo Summerland is located in Akiruno City, Tokyo. The highlight of the summer season is the outdoor pool, Adventure Lagoon.

There are about 20 different attractions for adults and children to enjoy the huge facility named "Adventure Lagoon". In addition to the flowing pools and waterslides, Tokyo Summerland also offers a new kind of summer fun, such as the "DEKASLA," in which multiple people ride a rubber boat on a course.

Access: about 30-35 minutes by local bus from Hachioji Station on the Keio Line and JR Chuo Line.
It takes about 10 minutes by local bus from Akigawa Station on the JR Itsukaichi Line.
The business period is from July 1st to September 30th. Business hours are from 9:00 to 20:30 in August (pool use is until 19:30).
The summer fee is 3,900 yen for admission tickets (adults from junior high school to 60 years old), 2,700 yen for elementary school students, and 2,000 yen for infants and seniors.

Pool WAI (Yomiuri Land)

Located in Yomiuri Land, "Pool WAI" is another popular large swimming pool facility that opens only in the summer. It has five pools: a wave pool, a flowing pool, a swimming pool, a diving pool, and the Soreike! In addition to the five pools, there are three sliders: Giant Sky River, Straight Line Slider, and Slalom Slider.

Among them is a full-fledged diving pool with a 5-meter-deep diving board and a maximum height of 2 meters, where you can experience the thrill of jumping off the board and into the water with all your might. Yomiuri Land is so popular that there is a line at the entrance during the summer season, so we recommend going out as early as possible.

The fastest way to get to Keio Yomiuri Land Station from Shinjuku Station on the Keio Line is 21 minutes. If you head from Shinjuku Station on the Odakyu Line, the shortest ride is 30 minutes to Yomiuri-land Station, and from there it takes about 10 minutes to take the bus. It is open from July 1 to September 13 (in 2015). Opening hours vary from day to day, but the longest hours are from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. The fee for admission to the pool is 3,300 yen (for adults aged 18 and over), 2,600 for high school students, and 2,200 yen for children (aged 3 to elementary school students), and adults aged 65 and over.

Toshimaen pool

The Toshimaen pool (closed on 31 August 2020), a well-known amusement park in Nerima Ward, is open every July and August. There are six pools: the wave pool, the flowing pool, the Niagara pool, the children's pool, the swimming pool, and the small pool, as well as three slides in the very popular Hydropolis.

If you are not a big fan of the amusement park's pools, you can choose from a variety of poolside seating options for families and couples. You can enjoy the resort-like atmosphere while lying on the deck chairs, and with Hydropolis Pay Seats, you can use the water slides as much as you want all day long.

It takes about 14 minutes to get from Ikebukuro Station to Toshimaen Station on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line. On the Toei Oedo Line, it takes about 20 minutes from Shinjuku Station to Toshimaen Station by direct train. The opening period is from early July to the end of August. Opening hours vary from day to day, with the longest hours being 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Admission to the pool is 4,000 yen (for adults over junior high school age), 3,000 yen for children over 110cm tall, and 2,000 yen for children under 110cm tall.

Showa Kinen Park Rainbow Pool

The Rainbow Pool, which is open only in the summer in the spacious Showa Kinen Park, is one of the largest leisure pool facilities in the Tokyo metropolitan area, boasting nine pools in a total area of 63,000 square meters. There is a flowing water pool, a large wave pool, a large waterfall pool, a mountain stream pool, an adventure pool, and other pools that are great for families. You can lay on the mats and enjoy the sun. In addition to the swimming pools, you are free to take a walk in the spacious park, use the restaurants and cafes, and then come back to the pools again, allowing you to spend a full summer vacation day.

The pool is a 10-minute walk from Tachikawa Station on the JR Chuo Line or a 10-minute walk from Higashinakagami Station on the JR Ome Line. The opening period is from July 18 to September 6 (in 2015). Hours of operation are 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. from July 18 to August 16, and 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. from August 17 to September 6. The fee, including the park entrance fee, is 2,300 yen (for adults aged 15 and over), 1,200 yen for children (elementary and junior high school students), and 300 yen for infants (preschool children aged 4 and over).

In this article, we have introduced some of the best outdoor swimming pools in Tokyo for summer. We think it will be a fun experience to visit these outdoor pools with your family or friends during your summer in Tokyo.


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