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Introducing both famous and hidden spots! Hanami spots in Tokyo

Introducing both famous and hidden spots! Hanami spots in Tokyo

There are many Hanami (Cherry blossom viewing) spots in Tokyo. If you're visiting Tokyo in the spring, these are all places you should definitely visit. Here, we'll introduce you to some of Tokyo's most popular cherry blossom viewing spots, as well as some of the more obscure ones (as of February 2024).

Must-go Hanami spots in Tokyo

Let's take a look at some of the most famous cherry blossom viewing spots that you should definitely visit in spring.
Ueno Park
This is one of the most popular Hanami spots in Tokyo, crowded with many visitors every year. Recently, the number of foreign tourists is rapidly increasing. You can find here approximately 800 cherry trees range from 40 to 50 varieties, mainly the Someiyoshino one.
In Ueno Park, taking a place for a picnic is a hot topic every year, but you can fully enjoy the Sakura view even if you take a walk. In the daytime, you can stop by museums, zoos, and antique markets around Shinobazu Pond along with Hanami. At night bonbori (paper-covered lamps) are lit, creating a fantastic atmosphere that is different from the daytime.

Shinjuku Gyoen
Despite its location in Shinjuku, the park has greenery and trees reminiscent of a forest, a large lawn, and gardens in Japanese and Western styles. In spring, the park is decorated with approximately 900 cherry trees. In addition to the Someiyoshino cherry trees, there are many other varieties of cherry trees, including the Kanzakura cherry tree in February, the Yamazakura cherry tree in late March, and the Kanzan and Ginkgo trees in mid to late April.

Alcoholic beverages are not allowed, but this allows for a more relaxed date or family hanami.
*Advance reservations will be required during the cherry blossom viewing season (March-April).

Inokashira Park
Inokashira Park is located approximately a 5-minute walk from Kichijoji Station. The park is popular with people of all ages and attracts more people than ever during the cherry blossom viewing season.
There are about 400 cherry trees in the entire park, and about 200 trees, or half of them around Inokashira Pond in the middle of the park. The best part of cherry blossom viewing in the park is to take a boat ride and look at the cherry blossoms from the pond. The view of cherry trees in full bloom, rising to the surface of the water, is breathtaking.

In the West Garden, early-blooming Kawazu-zakura and Yae-zakura cherry trees begin to bloom in early March, and late-blooming cherry trees can be enjoyed until mid-April.

Little-known but good place to Cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo

There are several spots in Tokyo where you can avoid the crowds and enjoy the cherry blossoms at a leisurely pace. Let's take a look at them.

Imperial Palace East Garden 
In the vicinity of the Imperial Palace, the Chidorigafuchi Moat is famous as a place for cherry blossom viewing, but in fact, the Imperial Palace East Garden, located just on the other side of the grounds, is actually a more secluded spot. It covers an area of about 210,000 square meters and has a large grassy plaza where you can enjoy the view of about 280 cherry trees while basking in the sun.

The reason why this place is such a good spot is that drinking and sports here are prohibited, so only people who want to view and take pictures of the cherry blossoms come here, which makes the place less crowded and less noisy. 
The park is a 5-minute walk from Otemachi and Takebashi stations, and admission is free.
Gotenyama Garden
Gotenyama has been known as a cherry blossom viewing spot since the Edo period. Currently, there are about 70 cherry trees mainly in the Gotenyama Garden, and on weekday mornings, it is relatively uncrowded, allowing visitors to enjoy a leisurely stroll while viewing the cherry blossoms. The garden is illuminated at night, and couples can be seen. It is about a 10-minute walk from Shinagawa Station, and a free shuttle bus is available from Shinagawa Station.

Tokyo Institute of Technology 
Located near Ōokayama Station, the Ookayama Campus of the Tokyo Institute of Technology is famous in some quarters as a cherry blossom viewing spot that is open to the public when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. If the timing is right, it is worth the trip even if it is a bit far.

In front of the main building, there is a row of cherry trees with wooden decks and benches, making it a perfect environment for Hanami. In addition to students, many families from the neighborhood visit this place, and you can appreciate cherry blossoms such as Someiyoshino and Oshima cherry in a heartwarming atmosphere.

The cherry blossoms are only around for a short time. While you are in Tokyo, if you have a chance, please visit these spots.

*Information is subject to change. Please be sure to check with the site/facility before your visit.
*This column is a revised version of an article published on January 19, 2016.

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