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Fun for the Whole Family! Summer Leisure Spots in Tokyo

Fun for the Whole Family! Summer Leisure Spots in Tokyo

During the longest summer vacation of the year, it can be hard to decide where to go with your family. Traveling overseas or within Japan is great, but for those who want to have fun in a place that requires less travel time and is easy to get to, Tokyo is the place to go. In this article, we'll introduce some of the hottest spots for families to enjoy in each popular area.  (As of May 2015)

Family-friendly spots around Odaiba, Shiodome, Shinbashi, and Shinagawa areas

This indoor attraction is full of LEGO bricks born in Denmark. There is a LEGO Factory where you can take a factory tour of the bricks, a LEGO 4D cinema, and a Miniland that recreates the streets of Tokyo.

An urban outdoor park where you can enjoy authentic American-style barbecue on a vast site overlooking the Sky Tree, Tokyo Tower, and Rainbow Bridge. There is a plan that lets you come and enjoy the park without preparations, so you can feel free to experience the outdoors with your family in the city center.

Maxell Aqua Park  (Shinagawa)
Fully renovated and reopened on July 10, 2015, this state-of-the-art entertainment facility is located in the Shinagawa Prince Hotel. It is a hot spot that makes full use of the latest technology, including a great dolphin show that incorporates a water curtain, a tunnel-shaped aquarium full of saw rays and manta rays, and the world's first touch panel aquarium.

Family-friendly spots around Marunouchi, Nihonbashi, and Ginza areas

Tokyo Okashi Land (Tokyo)
Located on the first basement floor of the Yaesu Central Exit of Tokyo Station, this is a zone where the antenna shops of three major confectionery manufacturers are concentrated. In addition to Guriko-ya Kitchen, where you can buy freshly made almond chocolates, Calbee Plus, where you can buy freshly fried potato chips, and Morinaga's Funny Okashiya, where you can watch demonstrations using Hi-Chew and other sweets, you can also buy the original stationery.

Tokyo Character Street (Tokyo)
This is a space where you can find official stores of NHK and Tokyo TV stations, as well as stores of popular characters such as Hello Kitty and Ultraman. There is also a store run by Shochiku specializing in Kabuki goods. Not only children but also their parents can enjoy shopping here. Located on the first basement floor of the Yaesu North Exit of Tokyo Station, you can visit regardless of rainy days.

Coredo Muromachi (Nihonbashi)
It is a commercial facility in Nihonbashi with numerous stores and restaurants. COREDO Muromachi 2 and COREDO Muromachi 3, which opened in 2014 following COREDO Muromachi, have become big news, featuring the first movie theater in Nihonbashi and restaurants open until midnight. There is a large collection of Japanese "food" and special "goods" including "Nimben Nihonbashi Honten", a long-established store in Nihonbashi selling bonito flakes and soup stock, and "Nihonbashi Kiya", a long-established knife shop!

Family-friendly spots around Roppongi, Azabu, Akasaka, and Aoyama areas

Roppongi Hills Tokyo City View (Roppongi)
This is an observation facility in Roppongi that reopened in April 2015. It features souvenir shops, restaurants, and coffee shops, as well as an art museum, making it a great place to stroll around with family. The newly-renovated observation deck "Tokyo City View" and the limited-time exhibitions are particular highlights here.

TEPIA Advanced Technology Gallery (Aoyama)
This is an exhibition facility where you can not only see the latest technologies in various fields of manufacturing, including robots, up close but also touch and interact with them. You can learn about advanced technology while having fun by actually experiencing the robot demonstration exhibit and the Technology Studio.

Family-friendly spots around Ueno, Asakusa, Kinshicho and Ryogoku areas

Asakusa Hanayashiki (Asakusa)
Asakusa Hanayashiki is an amusement retro-style park that celebrated its 160th anniversary. The park is full of popular attractions, including the oldest roller coaster in Japan and a haunted house with an Edo atmosphere. The park also has souvenir shops, cafes, and a directly-managed tavern, so even adults can enjoy a day here like in their childhood.

Kid's US.LAND  (Kinshicho)
Located in the Marui Kinshicho store, this is a huge indoor amusement park where you can play as much as you want for 100 yen for 15 minutes. There are many unique facilities such as a giant jungle gym, train, trampoline, and ball pool! The latest massage chairs are also available, so parents, grandparents, and children can relax and enjoy themselves.

From indoor amusement parks to barbecue plazas, the greatest facilities are opening one after another in Tokyo. The Sotetsu Fresa Inn is located within a five-minute walk of Tokyo's main train station, making it the perfect place to take your family this summer. Why don't you find a new way to enjoy Tokyo by using Sotetsu Fresa Inn conveniently?

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