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Recommended Spots for Autumn Leaf Season in Yokohama

Recommended Spots for Autumn Leaf Season in Yokohama

Yokohama has a strong image of a port and urban area, it also has a lot of greenery and rich nature left here and there. In this article, we'll introduce you to some of the best places to enjoy the autumn leaves in Yokohama. Come to Yokohama during the autumn foliage season and enjoy the scenery as it turns bright red all around. 
(Information as of June 2016)

Sankeien City Park

Sankeien, located in Honmoku, Yokohama, is a Japanese garden with historical buildings relocated from Kyoto and Kamakura on a site the size of about four Tokyo Domes. In spring, plum trees, cherry blossoms, and azaleas bloom in profusion, and in autumn, the garden is decorated with colorful maples and ginkgo trees (Maidenhair tree). The best time to see the autumn leaves is from mid-November to early December.

In particular, the autumn foliage around Choshukaku, which is an important cultural property, is magnificent, and you can enjoy the atmosphere of the ancient capital without leaving Yokohama. Every year during the autumn foliage season, the old buildings such as the Choshukaku and Yokobuean are open to the public, and you can enjoy a spectacular view of the three-story pagoda.

Opening hours: 9:00 - 17:00  (admission until 16:30)

Access: Take the Yokohama City Bus from the East Exit of JR Yokohama Station, get off at Honmoku Sankeien-mae, and walk about 5 minutes.

Yokohama Park

Adjacent to Yokohama City Hall, Yokohama Stadium, home of the Yokohama DeNA BayStars, is located on the grounds of Yokohama Park. It is the second oldest park in the city after Yamate Park.

The park is famous for its tulips in the spring, but in the fall, the trees around the water park and pond change color beautifully, creating a sight worth seeing. Many people gather here with their cameras in hand, making it an easy spot to stop by and enjoy the autumn colors.

Access: 5 minutes on foot from JR "Kannai" station.

Yokohama Municipal Kanazawa Zoo

Kanazawa Zoo is a zoo focusing on rare herbivores located in Kanazawa Nature Park. It is also known as a spot where you can see flowers in all four seasons, and you can enjoy the leaves of the trees begin to change color as early as mid-October, and then gently dye until early December.

The park is also a great place to see animals such as giraffes and rhinoceroses walking around with the autumn leaves in the background. In addition to the leaves of the Japanese maple and ginkgo trees, the area is also home to trees such as the Japanese blackberry and sanshyu (Japanese cornelian cherry) when winter approaches.

Opening hours:  9:30 - 16:30  (admission until 16:00)

Access: 6-minute walk from Keikyu Bus "Natsuyama Sakaue" from Kanazawa-Bunko Station on the Keihin Kyuko Line.

Yokohama Nature Observation Forest

The Yokohama Nature Observation Forest is located in a corner of one of the largest green belts in Yokohama, near Kamakura City. There are thickets and the headwaters of the river leading to Enoshima, so it is a spot where you can get close to nature while taking a walk or watching birds. In the fall, you can observe how a wide variety of trees, including Metasequoia, change color and bear fruit. You will be able to experience the nature of autumn as the forests are colored and the fallen leaves fill the road.

Access: From JR "Ofuna" station, get off at Kanagawa Chuo Kotsu Bus "Yokohama Cemetery" and walk for about 7 minutes.

Shikinomori Park (Four Seasons Forest Park)

Shikinomori Park is a vast prefectural park that spans Midori-ku, Yokohama City. There are valleys, forests, ponds where you can play in the water, and charcoal-making huts, all of which preserve the beauty of the Satoyama area. As the name suggests, you can enjoy the changes of the four seasons, and in autumn, you can see the beautiful autumn leaves combined with the scenery.

Among them, the forest named "Autumn Leaves Forest" is definitely worth visiting. From the end of November, the maples begin to turn red, and eventually, the carpet of fallen leaves of the maples is completed.

Access: 15 minutes walk from JR Nakayama Station.

Yokohama is home to a wide variety of autumn foliage viewing spots, from parks in the city that are familiar to the citizens to Japanese gardens and nature parks. In addition to fashion and food, Yokohama's autumn foliage is a great way to experience the city's natural beauty.

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