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Accommodation / rooms

Can minors stay at the hotel without adults?

If only minors are staying, the consent of the parent or guardian is required.
Please submit the consent form at check-in. If you do not submit it, we may refuse your stay.
Please use the consent form from the following.
Minor Consent Form

Is sleepwear available?

Two-piece pajamas are available.

Is there any cell phone charger?

It is available at the reception desk.

Please tell me about the equipment and amenities in the rooms.

[Free Amenities]hairbrush,razor,cotton swab,skincare,sunscreen, insect repellent sheets, etc.
[Room Amenities]toothbrush,coffee/tea,disposable slippers, towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant spray
[Equipment in guest rooms]Smart device with extension telephone function

Can I choose a specific room?

We're very sorry. We assign the rooms ourselves in order that all of our guests can have a pleasant stay. You won't be able to designate your room or floor. Designations will be accepted as requests, but please understand we cannot guarantee your selection.

Can I call an outside line from the room phone?

We're very sorry. Outside lines cannot be reached from the room phones.

When I make a reservation by phone, can I make a reservation at the room rate displayed on the Internet reservation site?

The charges on the internet reservation site and the charges for reservations made by phone are different.
If you would like the accommodation plans and rates displayed on the internet,
Please apply for a reservation via the internet reservation site.

Do you have a safe deposit box?

These will be in the guest rooms.

Is there a trouser press?

We are sorry, but we do not have any.

Can I check in before the specified time or extend the check-out time?

Early check-in before the designated check-in time is available from 12:00 pm on the day of your stay for an additional fee of 300NTD for one hour per room.

Check-out time can be extended (late check-out) at an additional fee of NT$300 for one hour per room until 2:00 pm on the day of your check-out.
Note that after 2:00 p.m., you will be charged for overnight stay for the day.

We may not be able to accommodate requests for early check-in and late check-out depending on the situation on the day of your stay, so please contact us first.

What drinks do you have as amenities?

Coffee and oolong tea are available in the guest rooms.

Cleaning of guest rooms for consecutive nights

Do you clean guest rooms everyday?

We will clean it every day unless requested otherwise. If you do not wish to have your guest room cleaned, please make the request through the terminal (Aiello) installed in the guest rooms.
For hygiene reasons, we will clean the rooms every third night of your stay.


What is the SOU-BI-SUI?

It is the name of the water we provide. A water purifying system is installed throughout the hotel. Water from the faucets and showers in the guest room bathrooms, bidet toilet seats, faucets in the common areas, as well as the laundry, are all clean. Experience SOU-BI-SUI, water that is gentle to the touch.

Why is SOU-BI-SUI good for the body?

The water purification system installed in the entire building removes dirt and rust from tap water, and reduces the amount of residual chlorine in the water to an amount that is in the lower levels of the legal concentration limit, making the water hypoallergenic.

Is there any smoking area inside the hotel?

There is a smoking booth on the 3rd floor.

Is there a computer I can use for free?

We are sorry, but we do not lend computers free of charge.

How is the hotel security?

The hotel uses a contactless IC card key system.
The elevator is set up so that when riding, you need to bring your card key to the sensor and then press the button for your room floor.
Non-guests will be unable to enter.

Are there vending machines in the building?

Yes, located in the vending corner on the third floor. We've prepared options ranging from soft drinks to alcohol.

Is there a laundry corner and microwave?

The laundry corner, ice machine, vending machines, and microwave ovens are on the 3rd floor.

Do you have an ice machine?

There is an ice machine that you can use for free inside the vending machine corner on the third floor. Our hotel has installed a water purification system throughout the building, so the ice in the machine is made from the delicious water called SOU-BI-SUI. Please use the ice machine. There are cups for ice beside the ice machine.

Access / Parking

Is there parking?

There is no parking lot.

Staying with children

What is the room rate for an overnight stay with a child?

Children up to 12 years old are free of charge. Older children will be charged the same rate as adults without exception.

Charges and payment

What is the cancellation policy?

Yes, we will charge a cancellation fee. Cancellation fees will be charged as follows.

Cancellation the previous day and two days ago: Cancellation fee equal to 50% of the lodging fee including tax
Same day cancellation and No-show without notification: Cancellation fee equal to 100% of the lodging fee including tax

The above cancellation fees will be calculated based on the total fee to be paid.
Please note that cancellation fees may differ for other offfers or groups.
Please understand this in advance.

When should I pay the accommodation fee?

Payment is expected at the reception desk upon check-in. We kindly ask that you contact the hotel if someone other than the overnight guests will be paying, as we require payment before check-in for such cases.
*Payment by credit card is accepted on the automatic check-in machine.
*Only one-time payment is accepted for credit cards.
*credit cards accepted: VISA,MasterCard,JCB,American Express, Union Pay

Which payment methods do you accept?

Payments can be made with various credit cards and cash.

credit cards accepted: VISA,MasterCard,JCB,American Express, Union Pay

Can I use VISA gift cards or JCB gift cards?

We are sorry, but you cannot use them.

Can I pay with a QUO Card?

Unfortunately, we cannot handle payments made using a QUO Card. We ask for your understanding.

I'd like to pay by bank transfer.

You may pay by bank transfer no later than 3 business days prior to your check-in date.
In addition, please contact the hotel in case of bank transfer.
*If you pay for your accommodation charges or cancellation fee by bank transfer, the transfer fee shall be borne by the guest. We ask for your understanding in advance.

Contracted corporate online reservation

I'd like to make a corporate contract.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please call the hotel directly or use the contact form for this inquiry.


Will you hold my luggage for me before check-in/after check-out?

Yes, you can use the self-service lockers both before checking in and after checking out. Feel free to ask. However, this is only available on the same day of checking in or out, and we cannot hold very large bags, large amounts of baggage, or items that require refrigeration or freezing. For more information, please contact hotel.

Can you make a reservation for restaurants for me?

We are afraid, but we do not make a reservation for restaurants or tickets of amusement parks on behalf of the guests. Thank you for your understanding.

Can I stay with my pet(s)?

We're very sorry we cannot allow guests to stay together with their pets. We ask for your understanding.

Can I send my bags or mail to the hotel ahead of time via a parcel delivery service, postal mail, etc.?

Please send the baggage to the hotel's attention with the guest's name and check-in date, and the arrival date of the baggage as "Check-in date". Please send your baggage in the same name as that given at the time of reservation. We cannot hold very large bags, large amounts of baggage, or items that require refrigeration or freezing. For more information, please contact each hotel. Also, please note that we will not pay cash on delivery, so make sure to pay when sending the items. For more information, please contact hotel.

I have visitors, can I let them in the guest room during my stay?

Guest rooms and guest room floors are prohibited from entering except for guests who are staying at the hotel.
If you would like to have visitors, please use the lobby.

Is there a curfew?

No, there's no curfew. However, for security reasons, the front entryway will be locked between 0:00am and 5:00am.
Hotel guests can unlock the entryway using their card keys, however, We ask guests who haven't yet checked in to contact the front desk over the intercom.
Further, we ask that you contact us if your actual arrival time will be much later than the one you entered on your reservation.

Can I send items by courier from the hotel?

We only handle pay-on-delivery domestic shipments within Taiwan.

Can you put my name on the waiting list in case there is a cancellation?

We are sorry, but we do not have a waitinglist of cancellations.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please search for vacancies again after a while or contact the hotel.

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