Proposal for new hotel development


Proposal for new hotel development

Sotetsu Hotels is looking for partners who can effectively
use land and buildings and grow them together with us.
We will propose the efficient opening and operation of hotels based on the abundant
experience and know-how of Sotetsu Hotels, which is actively opening hotels
specializing in accommodation and has 100 hotels in Japan and overseas in its sights.
If you are considering the effective use of your land or building, please contact us.

Sotetsu Hotels operates
82 hotels in Japan and overseas*.
*Excluding hotels scheduled for opening as of April 2024


What we are aiming for

SOTETSU HOTELS specialize in a limited service hotel,
operating under the Sotetsu Group,
which has always had a focus on safety and reliability.
As we strive to provide innovative services and a relaxing space,
you will always be welcomed with a perfect smile.
As we flexibly meet the diverse needs of all of our guests,
we hope you will find yourself recommending Sotetsu hotels to friends and family.

Details of offer

Desired areas to open hotels

Click here for a list of our areas of interest

Location 5-minute walk from major stations
*A location that is within a 5-minute walk from the nearest exit (e.g., underpass) connected to the station may be considered
*Please contact us for the location of overseas projects.
Scale About 3,000㎡〜8,500㎡

*If there are existing branches in the neighborhood, locations measuring less than 2,600㎡ can be considered.
For overseas projects, about 30㎡ per room per 120 to 200 rooms.

*We can consider it flexibly depending on the situation.

*It is also possible to open hotels in multipurpose buildings (commercial facilities, residences, offices, etc.)
with facilities other than those used for hotels.

Hotel opening contract type

  • MC contract
  • Sale/purchase of land
  • Land lease contract
  • Building lease contract

MC contract We will dispatch staff to support the owners in operating the hotels.

MC contract

Sale/purchase of land After we purchase the land, we will construct the building and operate the hotel.

Sale/purchase of land

Land lease contract You can receive stable land rent without investing in buildings, etc.

Land lease contract

Building lease contract You can receive fixed rent and variable rent based on sales, etc.

Building lease contract

*We can also open hotels by rebranding existing hotels.

Inquiries regarding hotel opening

If you have any questions about new hotel development,
please contact us at the following address or use the Inquiry Form.

Sotetsu Hotel Development Co., Ltd. TEL:(+81) 45-319-2182
2-9-14 Kitasaiwai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Japan 220-0004
(Sotetsu Head Office Building)

InquiryClick here for the Inquiry Form

Guide on Sotetsu Group Site Search

Dear Hotel Owners,

Sotetsu Hotels is offering the Sotetsu Hotels Partner Hotels,
which supports the efficiency of the operation and the improvement of sales of existing hotels.
We are currently looking for member hotels.
If you wish to further increase your hotel's sales and profits,
or to improve your hotel operation know-how, please consider joining us.

Click here for more information about Sotetsu Hotels Partner Hotels

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