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Recommended Places Around Kinshicho Station

Recommended Places Around Kinshicho Station

The name Kinshicho seems to have come from a moat that used to be located on the north side of the present Kinshicho Station, which was called Kinshibori. However, it is still unclear why the moat was named Kinshicho. In this article, we will introduce how to get to Kinshicho, which is becoming a popular spot.

Oyokogawa Shinsui Park

Oyokogawa Shinsui Park is a long, narrow park built along the Oyokogawa River that runs through Sumida Ward. It is designed for about 1.8 kilometers from the Shumokubashi bridge near Kinshicho Station to the Narihirabashi bridge near Tokyo Sky Tree.
The park has many facilities where you can get close to the water, including a fountain, biotope, and a large fishing pond where you can fish for crucian carp. In Chibikko Square, children can play on roller slides and playground equipment. There are five zones in total, filled with fun elements for kids and adults.

Access: 8-minute walk from Kinshicho Station on the JR Sobu Line

Sumida Edo Kiriko Museum

Sumida Edo Kiriko Museum is an authorized shop in Sumida Ward that exhibits and sells Edo cut-glasses, a traditional Japanese craft. It is located along Kuramaebashi Street with a view of Tokyo Sky Tree. In addition to introducing the history, production process, and tools of the Edo period, visitors can observe the craftsmanship through the window.

Furthermore, here you can take part in the Edo glass master class and make your own simple product. The shop displays and sells about 350 products, including faceted works for daily use, gift items, and great souvenirs.

Opening hours:  10:00 - 18:00  (Sundays, holidays and summer vacation, year-end and New Year holidays)

Access: 7-minute walk from Kinshicho Station on the JR Sobu Line

Hoonji Temple

Hoonji Temple was founded by Ota Dokan. It is a historical temple built in Hirakawa Village, Musashi Kuni, as a prayer place to protect Edo Castle while it was under construction. Later, when Ieyasu Tokugawa entered Edo, the temple was moved to Kanda Yanagihara, Yanaka Shimizu-cho area, and then to its current location in 1695. The temple grounds include a three-story pagoda with a bell tower, a memorial tower for Ota Dokan, a statue of Nichiren Shonin, a flower mound, and a view of the Tokyo Sky Tree.

Access: 10-minute walk from Kinshicho Station on the JR Sobu Line.

Honorary inhabitant award corner: Sumida, the hometown of Sadaharu Oh (Sumida City Gymnasium)

Located in Kinshicho Park, the five-story Sumida City Gymnasium. On the second floor of the gymnasium, there is a permanent exhibit called "Sadaharu Oh's Hometown in Sumida," which honors Sadaharu Oh, a former professional baseball player from Sumida Ward. The museum is not very big, but anyone can visit it free of charge to see valuable photos and artifacts from his childhood, high school days, joining the Giants, home run records, and coaching days, including the WBC.

Opening hours:  9:00  -  22:30  (closed on the third Monday of every month)

Access:  3-minute walk from Kinshicho Station on the JR Sobu Line

Tokyo Sky Tree

Since its opening in 2012, this famous spot has been very popular with both domestic and international tourists. From the 350-meter-high observation deck and the 450-meter-high Tenmoko Corridor, it is possible to see not only Tokyo but also the mountains of the surrounding prefectures. We especially recommend visiting the "glass floor" to see the city stretching right under your feet.

At night, you can enjoy watching the lights of the Tokyo Skytree from the surrounding area, which are elaborately lit up each season.

Observation Deck Hours:  8:00  -  22:00  (last admission 21:00)

Access: 1-minute walk from "Tokyo Skytree Station" on the Tobu Skytree Line or "Oshiage Station" on the Tobu Isesaki Line

Tokyo Fire Department headquarters & Citizen disaster prevention education center

The Tokyo Fire Department headquarters & Citizen disaster prevention education center is a disaster prevention education facility operated by the Tokyo Fire Department to help people acquire disaster prevention knowledge and behavioral skills. Although the purpose of this facility is different from that of a tourist attraction, it is valuable because it allows visitors to experience earthquakes that simulate actual seismic intensity, urban flooding, smoke, and storms. These can be experienced in a tour format with an instructor. This is a great spot for those who are interested in disaster prevention, as well as those who can gain useful experience in case of emergency.

Opening hours:  9:00 - 17:00  (closed on Wednesdays, the third Thursday of the month, and year-end and New Year holidays)

Access: 10-minute walk from Kinshicho Station on the JR Sobu Line.

Kinshicho is a bustling, miscellaneous town with a downtown atmosphere. If you have a chance to visit here, please stop by the above spots.

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