SOTETSU HOTELS CLUB Membership agreement

Article1: Name and management of the organization

This member organization is referred to as "SOTETSU HOTELS CLUB", and the management of the organization will be conducted by the SOTETSU HOTELS CLUB secretariat within Sotetsu Hotel Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company").
For more information, please contact through

Article2: Membership qualification

  1. Members are those who approve this agreement, applied for membership through official website operated by the company or "SOTETSU HOTELS CLUB application", and individual who we approved to join. When customers applied for admission, we assume that customers agree to the membership agreement of SOTETSU HOTELS CLUB.
  2. Members are prohibited to lend, transfer, trade or sell the membership to a third party.

Article3: Member registration

  1. Please register your own email address, password set by yourself and other necessary information.
  2. Members shall be responsible for the management of the password set by the members themselves.
  3. It is prohibited to lend, transfer, or trade members mail address and password to a third party.
  4. Members will bear the responsibility for damage due to incomplete management of membership mail address and password, the company will not take responsibility.

Article4: Admission fee · Annual fee

Admission fee · Annual fee is free. However, we may charge a predetermined annual fee by notifying our members as deemed necessary.

Article5: Validity period of points and membership

Members can use the points after the date completed the procedure described in Article3.

  1. Invalidation of points
    Current holding points will be expired when two years passed from the last use date.
  2. Lapse of membership
    Membership qualification will be expired if there is no use for 2 years from the last use date.

Article6: Grant of benefits

When a member reserves our facility by the method specified by the Company and uses it, we will grant the benefits specified by the Company to the member in the manner specified by the Company.
Please check the details of benefits and conditions for granting at our official website or "SOTETSU HOTELS CLUB" application. In addition, we may change benefits without advance notice.
Please confirm at the official site of our company, or "SOTETSU HOTELS CLUB" application when using.

Article7: Notice from the Company

Notice from our company shall be notified by sending information to the e-mail address registered to us or "SOTETSU HOTELS CLUB" application.

Article8: Change of member information

Changes in membership registrations such as address, contacts and so on, please change it through our official website or "SOTETSU HOTELS CLUB" application.

Article9: Withdrawal

Please unsubscribe at the "Members Only Page" on our official website.You are able to cancel your membership when completed all withdrawal procedures. Please note that you cannnot complete your withdrawal procedure simply by deleting "SOTETSU HOTELS CLUB" application.

Article10: Loss of membership qualification

When the following reasons occur, the membership will be withdrawn automatically and you will lose your membership qualification as well.

  • When we cannot take contact with members.
  • False application made at the time of admission.
  • Delay in payment of usage fee or when there was trouble concerning payment.
  • In case of violation of accommodation provision, hotel usage agreement, this agreement.
  • In addition, when your actions were not suitable as a member.

Article11: Handling of personal information and purpose of use

  1. We comply with the laws and ordinances related to the protection of personal information and handle personal information provided by the members with extreme caution.
  2. Personal information provided by members will be used by the Company for product development, improvement of service, and dissemination of various information.
  3. Personal information provided by members will be shared within the Group in order to achieve the purpose of use, and will not be provided to third parties except in the following cases.
  4. Personal information provided by members will be shared within the Group in order to achieve the purpose of use, and will not be provided to third parties except in the following cases.
    • Outsourcing of handling to a contractor within the necessary range
    • Extraordinary circumstances of related laws and regulations
  5. We take necessary measures to prevent illegal access from the outside to personal information and loss, destruction, falsification, leakage of such information, and manage it safely and appropriately.

Article12: Modification of the Agreement

We may change this agreement and benefits without advance notice.
Please confirm the latest agreement and benefits on our official website when using.

Article13: Termination of membership organization (dissolution)

SOTETSU HOTELS CLUB may be terminate after announcing the fact to members in advance for certain reasons of the company.

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