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Registration and admission

Do I need to register my personal information to make a reservation?

Yes, you need to register with SOTETSU HOTELS CLUB in order to make a reservation. If you do not wish to register as a member, you may need to temporarily register your name, phone number, and other required information.

I want to check my SOTETSU HOTELS CLUB membership registration information such as address and phone number.

You can check it on the Member's My Page. After logging in, please check from "Modify Customer Information". Click here to go to My Page.

Reservations, modification and cancellation

I would like to make a reservation, but I cannot log in as a member.

The password you entered might be incorrect. Please verify your password from "Click here if you have forgotten your password" on the SOTETSU HOTELS CLUB login page.
If you are unsure of your registered email address, please use this inquiry form to inform us that you are unsure of your registered email address and give us the following information: 1. Your name 2. Your registered phone number 3. Your date of birth (Western calendar).

What is the maximum number of nights and rooms that I can reserve?

You can book a maximum of 31 nights and 5 rooms per reservation.

Can I make reservations for different room types?

The list of rooms that meet your accommodation criteria will be displayed by entering your reservation criteria directly under "Vacancy status" (Calendar). If you do not find your desired type of room, please perform the booking process for each type of room.


Will the rate displayed at the time of booking apply even if I make a reservation over the phone?

There are rates that are only applicable to reservations made online, so please verify the rates when you book a room by phone.

Can I change my reservation?

For registered reservations, only the following items can be modified from "Confirm/Modify/Cancel Reservation."

・Change arrival time
・Shorten period of stay
・Reduce number of rooms

*You cannot extend your stay and increase the number of rooms. Please note that if you contact the hotel directly to modify your reservation, when you check your reservation online, your reservation details may differ from what you requested over the phone (changes may not be reflected online).

I'd like to change my arrival time, what should I do?

You can change it on the "Confirm/Modify/Cancel Reservation" section on each page. Please be sure to contact the hotel if you will be arriving more than two hours later than your scheduled arrival time. If we do not hear from you, we may conclude that you will not be able to come and then cancel your reservation.

Can I cancel it? Do you impose cancellation fees?

You may cancel your reservation from the "Confirm/Modify/Cancel Reservation" section on each page. As a general rule, the cancellation fee for up to 14 people will be 20% on the day before check-in day, 80% on check-in day, and 100% for no-show without prior notice.

Exception: For Forest Hongo, it will be 50% on the day before check-in day, 100% on check-in day, and 100% for no-show without prior notice.

I contacted the hotel and cancelled my reservation. However, I received an email saying that the hotel has accepted my reservation.

If you request the hotel to cancel your reservation, a confirmation email will still be sent to you because your online reservation data will not be cancelled. We apologize for the inconvenience, but if possible, please cancel your reservation on the "Confirm/Modify/Cancel Reservation" window.

Can minors stay in the hotel alone?

Yes, minors can stay in the hotel with the consent of their guardians.

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