Only applicable to hotels in Korea.

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for hotels in Japan.

Article 1 Application of Terms & Conditions

These terms & conditions apply to any related accommodation contracts signed by the hotel. Any details not specified in this terms & conditions shall be subject to local law and practices.

  • Credit card transactions are also governed by these regulations and are subject to minor modifications according to individual agreements between the hotel and the card company.
  • The hotel may enter into a separate special arrangement if it does not violate current local practices.
  • In the case when the Hotel has entered into a special contract with the Guest insofar as such special contract does not violate laws and regulations and generally accepted practice, notwithstanding the preceding Paragraph, the special contract shall take precedence over the provisions of these Terms and Conditions(Application for Accommodation Contracts)

Article 2 Refusal of Accommodation Request

The hotel reserves the right to refuse reservation requests under the following occasions.

  • If accommodation requests are not in accordance with this contract.
  • If the hotel is fully occupied.
  • If the guest has the potential danger of violating these regulations, local customs of ethics.
  • When the guest appears liable to, or in fact conducts unavoidable causes; or manner, or when the guest disturbs or annoys other guests, especially when the guest is heavily intoxicated.
  • If it is clearly evident that guest(s) have an epidemic or transmittable disease.
  • If guest(s) demands unnecessary compensation for accommodations.
  • If guest(s) are accompanied by pets, poisonous chemicals, explosives or weapons.
  • If the hotel cannot provide accommodations due to an Act of God, facility problems or other unexpected reasons.
  • If government regulations dictate that accommodation requests are to be refused.
  • If the hotel cannot operate normally due to labor unrest or other emergencies.

Article 3 Disclosure of Personal Details

Prior to selling rooms to our guests, within specific time frame, this hotel has the right to ask potential guests about their personal details for reservation purposes. Following details must be disclosed.

  • Name, gender, nationality
  • Duration of stay and expected time of arrival.
  • Any other information deemed necessary by the hotel.

Article 4 Deposit

  • The hotel will guarantee accommodations only when a cash deposit is made at the time of reservation. However, reservations secured by credit card will be guaranteed in lieu of a cash deposit.
  • The hotel reserves the right to use deposits toward payment of cancellation charges according to the guidelines stipulated in Article 5. Any remaining balance will be refunded.
  • In the event cancellation charges are billed to a credit card, the hotel will notify card holder of the credit card number, date and amount of charge as well as all other details and the name of the person in charge.
  • All deposits must be paid by at least 24hrs prior to the arrival date

Article 5 Cancellation of Reservations by Guest

  • If confirmed booking is cancelled less than 24 hours from expected arrival will be subjected to a cancellation fee equivalent to one night room charge.

    a. The cancellation made at least 1day (24hrs) prior to the arrival: No cancellation fee
    b. The cancellation made less than 24hrs and on the same date of arrival: The first one night room rate
    c. The cancellation made without notice or no-show: The first one night room rate
    d. The cancellation made due to natural disaster: No cancellation fee

  • The cancellation policy could be changed depending on hotel contract or promotions. It is responsibility of the guest to verify current cancellation policy prior to making any bookings.
  • Reducing length of stay shall be considered as cancellation, therefore, guests must notify hotel about exact length of stay at least 24hrs in advance.

Article 6 Cancellation of Reservations by Hotel

The hotel reserves the right to cancel reservation for accommodations for the following reasons:

  • As stipulated in Article 2, clause 1 through 10.
  • If cancellation charges have not been received by the date deemed appropriate by the hotel.
  • If information requested in Article 3 is not given by guests.
  • All deposits, minus appropriate cancellation charges, will be returned it reservations are cancelled by the hotel.

Article 7 Registration Procedure

The following procedure should be conducted at the Front Des prior to check-in.

  • Obtain information specified in Article 3.
  • For foreign guests, obtain foreigner's passport number, visa type, and date of embarkation.
  • For domestic guests, obtain Korean's resident registration number.
  • Address, date of birth, age
  • Obtain departure date and time.
  • Obtain other information deemed necessary by the hotel.


Check in time is after 15:00 hours

  • For room guarantee, hotel reserves a right to ask either credit card or cash equivalent to 1.5 times that of room charge


  • Check out time is 12:00 noon.
  • For late check outs lasting until 17:00 hours, additional 50% of room rate will be added.
  • For late check outs lasting beyond 17:00 hours, a full day's room rate will be added.

Article 10 Hours of Operations

The hotel's hours of operation are subjected to temporary change without advance notice to our guests.

Article 11 Payment

  • Payment is accepted by hotel cashier in the form of cash, traveler's checks, a hotel coupon or credit card upon check out or when requested by the hotel. Personal checks are not acceptable.
  • The hotel will charge the full room rate following check-in guests, even if guests do not stay in the room. Room rates are quoted on a single occupancy basis. Additional charges will be made for additional persons sharing the same room unless otherwise specified by the hotel.
  • Accommodation Charges shall be paid even if the Guest voluntarily does not utilize the accommodation facilities provided for him by the Hotel and are at his disposal.

Article 12 Observation of Accommodation Rules

Hotel guest must observe all rules set by the hotel.

Article 13 Right to Refuse

The hotel reserves the right to refuse accommodations to anyone for the following reasons:

  • For reasons as stipulated in Article 2, clause 1a through 1j.
  • If any provision of the contact is violated.

Article 14 Accommodation Responsibilities

  • Guests are expected to adhere to the rules and regulations of the hotel from the moment the guest (s) checks in to the hotel at the Front Desk to the moment the guest (s) removes all belongings from the room and checks out of the hotel.
  • The hotel is not liable for any accidents that occur due to the failure to abide by the hotel's rules and regulations.

Article 15 Accepting Key Card and Return

  • A Key Card will be issued to guest (s) upon check in and registration at the Front Desk and should be returned to the hotel's cashier upon settlement of the bill and check out.
  • Should a Key Card be lost or stolen, it must be reported to the Front Desk immediately.
  • Should a Key Card by unknowingly taken from the hotel's premises by guest (s) following check out, the Key Card should be returned to the hotel by mail or other appropriate means.

Article 16 Handling of Deposited Articles

  • The Hotel shall compensate the guest for damages to articles deposited with front desk if loss, breakage or other damages are caused by deliberate negligence and if valuables list was prepared and accepted by front desk. Cash is only accepted if confirmed by front desk staff
  • The Hotel shall compensate the Guest for the damage when loss, breakage or other damage is caused, through intention or negligence on the part of the Hotel, to the goods, cash (cash only confirmed by the front desk staff) or valuables which are brought into the premises of the Hotel by the Guest. However, We will only pay for articles excepted of which the kind and value has not been reported in advance by the Guest.

Article 17 Storing Baggage and/or Belongings of the Guest

  • When the baggage of the Guest is brought into the Hotel before his arrival, the Hotel shall be liable to keep it only in the case when such a request has been accepted by the Hotel. The baggage shall be handed over to the Guest at the front desk at the time of has check-in.
  • When the baggage or belongings of the Guest is found left after his check-out, and the ownership of such articles is confirmed, the Hotel shall inform the owner of the article left and ask or further instructions. When no instruction is given to the Hotel by the owner or when the ownership is not confirmed, the Hotel shall store the article for 6 months and then dispose of it.

Article 18 Parking Liability

The Hotel shall not be liable for damages to the vehicle when Guest is utilizing the parking lot within the hotel premises, Hotel is simply offering parking privileges to our guests whether key has been deposited with hotel or not. Guest is entitled to compensation only for damages caused by deliberate negligence on the part of the hotel in managing the parking lot.

Article 19 Liability of the Guest

Guest must pay compensation to hotel for damage caused by deliberate negligence on the part of the guest.

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