About About SOU-BI-SUI


The soft, gentle and delicious water
provided by SOTETSU HOTELS

The water and hot water in the entire hotel has been transformed into delicious water that is gentle on the body.
Experience clean, gentle SOU-BI-SUI water in the shower and bath, and when brushing your teeth and washing your face.

By installing a water purification system in the entire hotel, all the water in the hotel has been transformed into SOU-BI-SUI water.

Efficacy SOU-BI-SUI Four effects

  • Drink

    Quality water makes tea and coffee more delicious

    You can drink delicious water in guest rooms and at the breakfast venues (in some hotels). The water is delicious, so you can enjoy the taste of tea and coffee. The ice in the ice machines is also made from delicious water.
    * Please be informed that SOU-BI-SUI provided in hotels in Taiwan and Thailand is not suitable as drinking water due to local circumstances.

  • Feel

    Gentle on the hair and skin, less prone to hand irritation

    You will feel gentle water when showering, bathing, washing your face and brushing your teeth.

  • Feel

    Soft feeling to the behind

    Even the water used with the bidet is gentle on the skin.

  • Feel

    Wash laundry with soft and gentle water

    You can wash your clothes with soft and gentle water in the coin-operated laundry machines, so your clothes will be soft.

How it works Mechanism of SOU-BI-SUI

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It is a system for purifying water
by installing filters in the middle of the water pipes.
By installing the filters in the middle of the pipes in the hotel,
at a point before water is distributed to all the guest rooms,
purified water flows to all guest rooms.

Image:Water purification system

A stream of feedbacks on their experience! Reviews Customer opinions


This is a hotel where you'd want to be a regular guest.

Hotel stayed: Sotetsu Fresa Inn Kitahama

A bath that is filled with hot water made from the purified water that flows throughout the hotel, which has become the hotel's source of pride. For someone like me who is particular about water, this hotel is one of the few hotels that is obsessed about clean water. Bath salts are given for free at the front desk. Put the bath salts in the bath and then get in the water to relax. It will be good for getting rid of fatigue and boosting your spirit. While it is just my personal opinion, I think rather than getting in a sauna, this is better for your metabolism, and it will make your body better and healthier.
As usual, the members of the hotel's staff are accommodating and check-in and check-out is convenient. I will also use it.


It was a good hotel.

Hotel stayed: Sotetsu Fresa Inn Nagoya-Sakuradoriguchi

I stayed here for a week because of my work transfer.
・There are abundant amenities at the 1st floor lobby (aside from tea and bath salts, they also provide facial lotion and cotton)
・Water from water purifiers
 Less skin irritation than regular tap water


Hotel stayed: Sotetsu Grand Fresa Osaka-Namba

The water used in the guest room facilities is purified, so I was able to use the water with peace of mind. The good-quality water will make your stay more pleasant.


I recommend the bath.

Hotel stayed: Sotetsu Fresa Inn Kitahama

The bathroom does not have a large bath, but this hotel uses purified water, and it's nice that the water is gentle on the skin. In addition, the bath agent is free, so I was able to feel comfortable in the bath in the guest room, too. The staff responds quickly, and if this package and rate are available, then I would like to stay here again.


Hotel stayed: Sotetsu Fresa Inn Yokohama-Higashiguchi

I was quite impressed with the purified water. Even though "Tap Water" in all other hotels, but I did not drink the water straight from tap. I boiled had to boil the water and then cool it before I drank it. I was able to drink the water with peace of mind. Thank you very much.


A compact and clean room

Hotel stayed: Sotetsu Fresa Inn Osaka-Shinsaibashi

There is only a bed and a sofa for relaxation, but it felt so clean that I got to relax. In addition, the hotel apparently has its own water purification equipment, and it did not smell of water, so bathing was pleasant as well.


A hotel with good water

Hotel stayed: Sotetsu Fresa Inn Kitahama

I stayed at the hotel for the second time after I stayed there in September. This hotel is really a hotel with good water. Aside from the drinking water, the water used in the bath, toilet and all other areas in the hotel is purified, so I would recommend this hotel to those who are particular about water. This hotel does not have a large bath, but the bathtub in the guest room is also spacious, and there are many kinds of bath agents and shampoos available at the front desk, so I don't think you'd mind that they do not have a large bath. On the other hand, I like it because I can enjoy bath time in a leisurely manner.

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Water About the water purification system in the entire building

“Ryosui Kobo” water purification system in the entire building Take a closer look

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