DAY 1How to spend
the first day



images:Arrive at the hotel

Generally check-in is from 15:00,
if you are a member of SOTETSU HOTELS CLUB, you can check in from 14:00.

There are check-in and check-out terminals installed in the hotel, so you can check in with a simple operation.

images:Arrive at the hotel

CHECK!Take a little break in the lobby before going out.There is free Wi-Fi in the entire building.

You can use free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, so it's convenient for looking up where you're going in the lobby. Various kinds of sightseeing maps are also available in the lobby.




CHECK!Excellent access to major stations, business districts, and sightseeing destinations

THE POCKET HOTEL is a five-minute walk from major stations and sightseeing destinations.
You can enjoy shopping in the Shijo area, Kyoto's largest business district, eat at Nishiki Market, and tour the shrines and temples unique to Kyoto. There are plenty of attractions to see in Kyoto that you won't get tired of no matter how many times you visit.

Aside from the cherry blossoms in spring and the autumn foliage in autumn, you will also be soothed by the cool winds of the Kamogawa River in summer and mesmerized by the fantastic snowy landscape in winter. Enjoy the scenery of Kyoto in each of the four seasons.





Eating is one of the pleasures of traveling.
If you don't know where to go, how about having a meal at a popular restaurant recommended by the front desk staff?



images:Spend time in the hotel

Relax in your room,
Enjoy mingling in the lobby,
Shower off your sweat.

Spend your time as you please.
You can put away your deposited luggage under your guest room.
*Only for some rooms

images:Spend time in the hotel

CHECK!Tablets are provided in guest rooms.
Check how busy the common shower rooms are.

Multifunction tablets in guest rooms will let you check the occupancy status of the common shower rooms, as well as get sightseeing information about the surrounding areas. In addition, depending on the hotel, you can also operate the lights and air conditioning in the guest rooms, and enjoy free videos.

※The functions of the tablet vary depending on the hotel.

images:Spend time in the hotel

images:Spend time in the hotel

We have separate shower rooms for men and women.

The water purification system in the entire building converts all water in the showers, toilets, and other areas of the building to gentle water. The clean, spacious shower rooms also feature a variety of amenities. Please bring your own towels from the bag in the guest rooms, and pajamas from the first floor.

Learn more about SOU-BI-SUI

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images:Spend time in the hotel

images:Spend time in the hotel

There is a women-only floor, so even if you travel by yourself, you can feel at ease.

A shower room exclusively for women is also provided on the women-only floor.
Enjoy a safe and comfortable stay.

images:Spend time in the hotel

We have vending machines, coin-operated laundry machines, and smoking rooms.
We respond to the requests of all our guests with a full range of facilities.

We have vending machines with all kinds of drinks. Depending on the hotel, we also sell light meals andenities. There are also microwave ovens and coin-operated laundry machines on the first floor. We provide facilities that satisfy customers on day trips to long-term stays.

※Some facilities may differ depending on the hotel. Please check beforehand.




CHECK!All rooms are private rooms with locks to ensure security and your peace of mind!
You can rest and relax in your room.

[SOTETSU x Nishikawa Living] We use the original "Cloudy Cube" mattress that we jointly developed with Nishikawa Living. Experience a comfortable and restful sleep in a natural sleeping posture.


Relax in the hotel's original pajamas with separate top and bottom.

For your loungewear in the hotel, we have our original two-piece pajamas available on the first floor. We also provide bags with bath towels, face towels inside the guest rooms.

DAY 2How to spend
the second day




Preparing in the morning in the common shower room

The common shower room is equipped with a clean powder corner. There are variousenities and dryers there, so your morning preparations will also be pleasant.


Breakfast near the hotel

Please enjoy your breakfast at a nearby restaurant.

*There is no breakfast hall in the hotel building.




You can extend the checkout time to 12:00 for 1 hour free.
Don't forget to receive 200 yen cash back!

If you are a SOTETSU HOTELS CLUB member and you booked your stay through the official website, your checkout time can be extended for an hour for free. Please take your time to rest and relax.

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Easy check-out with the self check-in/check-out machines "Smare"

Guests can perform the simple operation themselves, so checkout is also smooth.

images:Arrive at the hotel

Store your luggage in the baggage storage space.
You'll enjoy going out light, without heavy bags to burden you.

After checking out, you can store your luggage in the baggage storage space by yourself. A transportation IC card is required to lock the wire lock. You can use it for free.

※This service is not available on Apple Watch.

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