Thank you so much for staying with us.
The following is an explanation of points of special consideration during your stay, according to laws and ordinances.
※ We ask that you also read over our hotel's accommodation agreement and confirm its contents.

Further, if you are found to have violated the accommodation agreement or one of the rules laid out below, you may be refused further accommodation, so please be aware.

Terms of Use

1.We ask that you be considerate towards the neighborhood and other guests.
  • Please refrain from taking any actions that will cause trouble for other guests or for the neighborhood.
  • The building and the neighboring houses are built very close together. We ask that you please refrain from speaking in loud voices or otherwise creating loud noises within the hotel or directly around it, as it will cause trouble for the nearby houses.
    ※Many people rest between the hours of 21:00 and 8:00 the following morning. We ask for special care during these quiet hours.
  • In the event that you are using a rolling suitcase, we ask that you be aware of the noise created by its casters in order to avoid causing trouble.
  • It is forbidden to use the hotel rooms or leisure spaces for parties or other such gatherings.
2.Disposing of Items
  • Please separate your garbage and dispose of it in the predetermined garbage can. It is forbidden to dispose of garbage within the building anywhere other than the designated places, or to discard garbage outside the building, or to abandon or discard items or garbage in the neighborhood.
  • The hotel refuses disposal of large items such as suitcases, or other such left behind by guests. Please understand that if you leave behind or attempt to dispose of such items through the hotel, you will be billed for disposal fees.
3.Fire Prevention
  • Smoking is prohibited in guest rooms, common areas of the hotel, and the hotel grounds. We ask that you use the Smoking area located on the 1st floor.
    Further, due to laws such as the City of Kyoto Street Smoking Ordinance, smoking outside within the city is also prohibited in designated areas. We ask that you take care not to smoke in the area, or to discard cigarette butts, etc.Please do not smoke in non-smoking rooms (including smoking with e-cigarettes,heat-not-burn-tobacco, etc.). If smoking or cigarette butts are found in a non-smoking room, we will charge to the guest 10,000 yen as room cleaning fee and room damage compensation in addition to the room charge.
  • Due to fire prevention laws, you may not use portable gas or electric stoves or other such fire-producing devices.
  • Please do not leave towels, clothing, or other cloth items resting on the room lights or lamps, as this may cause a fire. We ask that you cease such actions completely and absolutely.
4.Things to Note During Your Stay
  • It is forbidden for any individuals other than hotel guests to enter the guest room floors. We ask that you conduct meetings with any non-guest individuals in the hotel's lobby.
  • It is forbidden for men to enter the women-only floor, or the women's toilet, and conversely for women to enter the men's toilet, etc. If we are able to confirm by means of our security cameras that you have violated this rule, we will immediately inform the police.
  • With the exception of emergencies or the case of customer need/request, staff will not enter guest rooms during your stay. Each guest room can be locked, so we ask that you make sure to lock your room and manage the safety of your own valuables. The hotel assumes no responsibility in the case of loss or theft during your stay, so we ask for your understanding.
    ※However, in the case of guests staying for multiple days, in order to maintain a cleanly environment, staff will enter rooms at least once per six-day period in order that they be cleaned and the beds be made.
  • The hotel forbids the introduction into the premises of large amounts of luggage or items in excess of what is necessary for your stay, items that the hotel deems dangerous such as flammable materials or sources of flame, and items that may become a nuisance to other guests.
  • We ask that you do not move any hotel facility equipment or introduce new amenities/equipment into the hotel without permission.
  • It is forbidden to remove hotel furnishings or equipment from the premises. The guest will bear full responsibility for any confirmed loss or damages.
  • It is forbidden to conduct any sales or administrative work within the hotel premises without permission.


1.Check In/
Check Out/Late Fees
Check-In begins at 15:00
Check-Out ends at 11:00
Stay after check-out time: JPY 1,000 per hour
However, in some cases extra time may be refused altogether, depending on reservation circumstances.
2.Emergency Contact/
Such inquiries will be accepted at the front desk.
The rooms do not provide access to an internal telephone line, so we ask that you use the internal telephone located in the elevator hall.
3.Equipment and Amenities
Two-piece pajamas, slippers ... 1st floor
Hair dryer, tissue, hand soap, 2-in-1 conditioner & shampoo, body wash, toothbrush... shower room
※Hair dryer, tissue, toothbrush, hand soap are also setting at the bathroom each floor.
Bath towels, face towels ... guest room
※We do not provide skincare products such as shavers or cosmetics.
4.Usage of Showers/Toilets
Our hotel does not provide shower/toilets in individual rooms. There is a shared shower room and shared toilet facilities in the hotel. The various facilities are divided into men's and women's facilities.
The entrance to the shower room is locked but can be opened with your room key. If you wish to use it, please remember to bring your room key.
  • Our hotel doesn't provide car or bicycle parking facilities, so we ask that you make use of nearby coin parking facilities.
  • Please make use of the 1st floor self-cloakroom before checking in/after checking out.
    If you do decide to make use of it, we ask that you please review the terms of use posted in the self-cloakroom.
  • There is no particular curfew after checking in.
    The entrance will be locked between 1 and 5 in the morning, however your room key will allow you to enter the hotel.
  • In the event that you go out during these times, please remember to carry your room key.
  • In principle, when you stay for two or more nights, there will be no room cleaning/bed making inside your room.
    If you would like the sheets changed or garbage taken out, please notify the hotel front desk by 10 AM.
    However, even in the case where there has been no request, in order to maintain a cleanly environment, staff will enter rooms at least once per six-day period in order that they be cleaned and the beds be made.
  • In the event you need your clothes laundered, we ask that you use the coin laundry on the 1st floor.
  • The hotel has not prepared any rental equipment/amenities.

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