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Christmas Illuminations in Yokohama! The best Christmas Date Spots!

Christmas Illuminations in Yokohama! The best Christmas Date Spots!

When we talk about where to spend Christmas, there are probably many people who say, "When it comes to Christmas, Yokohama!" In this article, we've compiled a list of Christmas date spots in Yokohama, focusing on some of the most popular spots.  (The information is current as of October 2015)

Recommended Christmas date spots in Yokohama

With beautiful night views at any time of the year, the Christmas season in Yokohama is the perfect time to enjoy the illuminations. Let's take a look at a few spots that you especially shouldn't miss.

Minato Mirai area

Yokohama Landmark Tower is one of the most popular spots in the Minato Mirai area. In addition to the illumination of the trees and the huge tree in the building, there are also some events unique to Christmas.

Of course, the night view from the observation deck of the Landmark, or from the restaurants and bars in and around the building, is another thing to look forward to. The lights on the Ferris wheel at Yokohama Cosmo World will be changed to Christmas specifications, and the Christmas tree will also appear at Queen's Square Yokohama. 

Another popular activity is dinner cruising in Yokohama harbor on a large ship from the Minato Mirai area. In addition, the Christmas Market is held at the Red Brick Warehouse, where the streets are lined with illuminated fir trees and the market is filled with German-style wine and sausages.

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Yokohama city area

Around Yokohama Station, illuminations and glowing trees will decorate the city, especially at the West Exit. Yokohama Bayside also has a plaza covered with many illuminations. In America Mountain Park, near Motomachi and Chinatown, the entire park will be covered in Christmas colors. In Chinatown, Chukagai Avenue and other areas will be in an oriental Christmas mood. In addition to Chinese dinners, you can also choose from Italian and French restaurants nearby. 

In addition, Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, near Yokosuka City, holds an annual ocean-themed Christmas event called Dolphin Christmas, which attracts many couples and families. Hakkeijima Sea Paradise is also popular for its restaurants where you can enjoy dinner with an ocean view.

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More than just Yokohama! Christmas Spots in Kanagawa Prefecture

There are many great Christmas date spots in Kanagawa Prefecture, not just Yokohama. Let's take a look at some of the most popular spots.

Kawasaki Area

In Kawasaki, La Cittadella is famous for its Christmas illumination. The tree is decorated with glass towers and other unique features, creating a fantastic atmosphere during the Christmas season.
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Shonan Area

In Shonan, a Christmas event with a theme of light and color will be held in Enoshima. A Christmas show will be held at the Enoshima Aquarium, where you can watch fish and jellyfish swim gracefully in a beautifully lit aquarium.
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Kamakura Area

In Kamakura, you won't see too many flashy illuminations, and you will mainly enjoy Christmas dinner in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. However, even if it is quiet, you can still enjoy the unique Christmas atmosphere of Kamakura as some of the Enoden stations are illuminated at Christmas time.

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If you want to spend Christmas in a festive mood, we recommend Yokohama and Kanagawa Prefecture, where there are many beautiful spots. On the other hand, there are also areas where you can spend a quiet time. We hope you will create wonderful memories for Christmas.

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