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Best Food in Nagoya! 5 Famous Gourmet Spots in Nagoya

Best Food in Nagoya! 5 Famous Gourmet Spots in Nagoya

Nagoya is known as one of the largest cities in Japan, along with Tokyo and Osaka. It is also famous as a fierce battleground for gourmet food, where many unique gourmet foods appeared in the city and a unique culture takes root, are highly popular as "Nagoya meshi" (Nagoya food). In this article, we'll introduce five recommended Nagoya gourmet foods that you must try when you visit the city.

The origin of Nagoya's gourmet food "Nagoya-meshi"

Before we introduce some of Nagoya's gourmet recommendations, let's start with a little explanation about the origin of "Nagoya meshi".

The definition and history of Nagoya-meshi

"Nagoya-meshi" is a general term for the local gourmet food and food culture loved by people living in Nagoya and its neighborhoods. Some of these dishes have been eaten for a long time, while others are newly created and originated in Nagoya. They are one of the best parts of sightseeing in Nagoya.

Nagoya meshi attracts attention at Expo 2005 Aichi, Japan

"Nagoya-meshi" first became known throughout Japan at the 2005 Expo 2005 Aichi, Japan. When Nagoya-meshi was introduced on TV and in magazines, it attracted attention for its unique food culture, and Nagoya-meshi quickly became well known. Today, Nagoya-meshi is established as a regional brand and has become an important tourist resource representing Nagoya through events.

Nagoya's famous gourmet food

The wide variety of Nagoya-meshi is one of its charms. Here, we'll introduce some of the most popular gourmet specialties.

・Miso Katsu (miso cutlet)

Tonkatsu (pork cutlet) is usually served with sauce, but in Nagoya, miso has always been more popular than sauce. Misokatsu, one of the most popular Nagoya food, is characterized by its Hatcho miso-based sauce and is said to have originated in post-war food stalls where people dipped kushikatsu skewers in miso from "doteoni".

You can find tonkatsu at almost any restaurant in Nagoya. Some restaurants use a smooth miso sauce, while others use a rich miso sauce, so you can try and compare both.

・Miso Nikomi Udon

"Miso-nikomi udon" is a popular Nagoya food that is good as a souvenir. The udon is cooked in an earthenware pot for one person and has a chewier texture than regular udon, it goes well with the Hatcho miso-based broth. A raw egg is dropped on top of the hot udon, and it is recommended to eat it on rice with dipping sauce as a shime.


"Kishimen" is a flat, thinly stretched noodle. There is a regulation on the thickness of noodles, and noodles with a width of 4.5 mm or more and a thickness of less than 2 mm are called "Kishimen". It is common to have tamari soy sauce-based soup stock made with bonito or Decapterus and add greens such as spinach, kamaboko, and fried tofu.

・Tebasaki (chicken wings)

The official name is "Tebasaki Karaage" (fried chicken wings). It is said to have originated when an izakaya (Japanese style pub) mistakenly ordered tebasaki (chicken wings) instead of the usual chicken. It is a standard menu item at Izakaya pubs in Nagoya.


When it comes to Nagoya meshi, Hitsumabushi is a dish you can't miss. Unagi (broiled eel) is chopped into strips and placed on top of a bowl of hot rice, and then you can pour it into a bowl by yourself. It is popular as a menu for entertaining people who can enjoy four different tastes in one meal.

"Nagoya Meshi" is an essential part of Nagoya's charm. We hope you enjoy your visit to Nagoya and take a look at the information above.

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