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If you come to Sapporo, this is it! Sapporo's 6 famous gourmet specialties

If you come to Sapporo, this is it! Sapporo's 6 famous gourmet specialties

Sapporo in Hokkaido is a treasure trove of delicious gourmet food. In addition to fresh seafood, agricultural products from the magnificent fields are also an attraction.
In this article, we will introduce some of the best gourmet specialties that you must try when you visit Sapporo, one of Hokkaido's most popular tourist destinations.

To enjoy Sapporo gourmet, we recommend using "Sotetsu Fresa Inn Sapporo Susukino" which will open on September 7, 2022!

・Soup Curry

This soup curry is characterized by a light, soupy curry with large, chunky vegetables and meat. The sweetness of the vegetables and the spice of the curry match each other and soak into the body, creating an addictive taste.
Soup curry is now a nationwide phenomenon, and in Sapporo, the birthplace of the dish, there are more than 200 restaurants specializing in the dish in the city alone.

The taste of soup curry differs greatly from restaurant to restaurant, depending on how the broth is made and the spices used, so it is worth comparing several different types.

Many retort pouches of soup curry are available at train stations and airports. They are recommended as souvenirs because they have an authentic taste but last for a long time.

・Miso Ramen

Sapporo Miso Ramen is well-known for its TV commercials. The yellow, medium-thick, wavy noodles and vegetables are well mixed with the soup, and the richness of the miso can be fully appreciated. The corn and butter topping, a taste of Hokkaido, is also popular with children.

There are many famous restaurants in Sapporo, such as "Sumire", which made Sapporo miso ramen famous.

The New Chitose Airport, the gateway to the sky, has a "Hokkaido noodle hall", so if you get lost in the city, you can eat in the airport.


Jingisukan is a local Hokkaido dish of grilled mutton or lamb, using a special pot with a raised center. 
Lamb is the meat of lamb less than one year old and has less habit, and mutton is the meat of adult lamb more than two years old and has the original taste of sheep.

The Takigawa style is to add sauce to the meat before grilling, while the Sapporo style is to grill the meat and then add the sauce.

Recently, specialty restaurants can often be found outside of Hokkaido, as they are considered healthy and good for you.

Sapporo has a number of Jingisukan chain restaurants. There are some Jingisukan chain restaurants in Sapporo, and there are also many specialty restaurants in the JR Sapporo Station area. Some restaurants do not accept reservations and some sell out early depending on the type of meat, so it is recommended to come early to popular restaurants.


Zangi is also known as Hokkaido's version of karaage. It is the soul food of the people of Hokkaido, deep-fried chicken marinated in a sauce of soy sauce and ginger. Recently, there have been some varieties of fried seafood such as "octopus zangi" and "salmon zangi".
Because it has a stronger flavor than most karaage, it is perfect as an accompaniment to white rice or as a snack with alcohol.


When one thinks of Hokkaido, everyone probably thinks of the abundance of seafood. Even in Sapporo, which has the image of an urban area, you can enjoy fresh seafood, and the appeal of kaisendon is that you can easily eat it at a relatively reasonable price compared to sushi. Kaisendon can be enjoyed anywhere in Japan, but what is particularly surprising about Hokkaido's kaisendon is the difference in the sea urchin. It is only in Hokkaido that you can eat rare sea urchin that is free of myouban (an additive used to keep the shape of sea urchin).

At "Nijo Market", the kitchen of Sapporo citizens, you can enjoy fresh seafood bowls from morning, so if you want to eat without worrying about time, this is the place to go.

・Shime Parfait

The term "Shime parfait" has been around for a while now.
Sapporo Shime Parfait Promotion Committee was established in 2015 to promote the parfait as a way to end a day of drinking.
At popular stores, there can be lines even at night. If you want to enjoy Sapporo Susukino until late at night, Shime parfait is indispensable.
How was it? We have introduced some of the best gourmet specialties you can enjoy in Sapporo from Hokkaido, where you can enjoy both seafood and mountain delicacies. Please refer to the above when you visit Sapporo.

To enjoy Sapporo gourmet, we recommend using "Sotetsu Fresa Inn Sapporo Susukino" which will open on September 7, 2022!

*Information as of August 2022.

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