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Sotetsu Fresa Inn Seoul Myeong-dong.

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In order to ensure the public nature of the hotel and safe and provide comfortable accommodations for guests, we ask all guests who stay in the hotel to comply with the following rules. Please note that any violation of these Rules of Use may result in the hotel management denying the guest permission to stay and/or use hotel facilities. Furthermore, should any damages to the hotel's property or articles be found, the hotel may ask the guest to compensate for such damage.

Article 1 (Application of Regulations)

These regulations apply to any related accommodation contracts signed by the hotel. Any item not specified in the regulations shall be subject to local law and practices.

  • Credit card transactions are also governed by these regulations and are subject to minor modifications according to individual agreements between the hotel and the card company.
  • The hotel may enter into a separate special arrangement if it does not violate current local practices.
  • In the case when the hotel has entered into a special contract with the guest insofar as such special contract does not violate laws and regulations and generally accepted practice, notwithstanding the preceding Paragraph, the special contract shall take precedence over the provisions of these Terms and Conditions(Application for Accommodation Contracts)

Article 2 (Refusal of Accommodation Request)

The hotel reserves the right to refuse reservation requests under the following circumstances.

  • If accommodation requests are not in accordance with the terms and conditions of this contract.
  • If the hotel is fully occupied.
  • If it is determined that the guest wishing to stay at the hotel has the potential of violating the accommodation regulations, public rules, or public morals.
  • If it is determined that the guest may cause considerable harm or inconvenience to other guests with his/her speech or actions, such as when the guest is heavily intoxicated.
  • If it is evident that the guest has an epidemic or transmittable disease.
  • If the guest requests unnecessary compensation for accommodations.
  • If guest(s) are accompanied by pets, poisonous chemicals, explosives or weapons.
  • If the hotel cannot provide accommodations due to an Act of God, facility problems or other unexpected reasons.
  • If government regulations dictate that accommodation requests are to be refused.
  • If the hotel cannot operate normally due to labor unrest or other emergencies.
  • If the guest engages in sales or exchange of goods with the purpose of gaining profit for himself/herself or a third party, such as selling items within the rooms or within the hotel.
  • If it is determined that the guest holds items that have a putrid smell, or items that are logically deemed too excessive in amount, or may endanger other guests' safety.

Article 3 (Specification of Personal Details)

  • The hotel has the right to request personal details of persons seeking accommodations as follows.
    1. Guest's name, sex, nationality, age, occupation.
    2. Days of lodging and estimated time of arrival.
    3. Any other information deemed necessary by the hotel.
  • If the guest wishes to continue lodging during his/her accommodation after surpassing the number of lodging days specified in Article 3 Clause 2, the hotel will process it as a new request for accommodation contract at the time the request for extension is made.

Article 4 (Deposit)

  • The hotel will guarantee accommodations only when a cash deposit is made at the time of reservation. However, reservations secured by credit card will be guaranteed in lieu of a cash deposit.
  • The hotel reserves the right to use deposits toward payment of cancellation charges according to the guidelines stipulated in Article 5. Any remaining balance will be returned.
  • In cases when deposit cancellation is requested via a credit card, the name of hotel manager who processed the transaction, credit card number, date, cost, and other necessary information will be informed to the guest who made the reservation.
  • All deposits must be made by the day designated by the hotel. This applies only in cases when the day for payment of deposit is set and the hotel informs the guest of the lodging day. Cases other than this are not applicable.
    1. Guests who use the automatic check-in machine on the day of checking in
    2. Cases where the hotel owner or hotel employee is seeking accommodation

Article 5 (Cancellation of Reservations by Guest)

  • If a person who requested lodging cancels the reservation within 24 hours before the scheduled lodging day, the hotel will deduct an amount equivalent to the cost of 1 night of the applicable reservation. For group reservations exceeding 10 rooms, Clause 4 will be applied.
    1. The cancellation made 1day prior to the arrival: No cancellation fee
    2. The cancellation made between 1day and the same date of arrival: The first one night room rate
    3. The cancellation made any notice or no-show: The first one night room rate
    4. The cancellation made by natural disaster: No cancellation fee
  • The cancellation made by personal reason will be charge the fee as our policy.
  • The cancellation policy might be applied to different policy as a hotel's contract or promotion therefore you must check your cancellation policy when you reserve the accommodation. If you reduce your schedule after check in, it is considered to be cancellation so that you have to inform your exact schedule to hotel until 1day prior to the arrival.
  • For group reservations exceeding 10 rooms, the cancellation fee regulation indicated in the group reservation confirmation will be applied.
  • The hotel may cancel the room reservation if the guest does not arrive even by 24:00 (in cases when the scheduled time for arrival is indicated beforehand, 2 hours after the indicated time) on the day of checking in.

Article 7 (Registration Procedure)

The following procedure should be conducted at the Front Des prior to check-in.

  • Obtain information specified in Article 3.
  • For foreign guests, passport number, date (year, month, day) of entry, and place of entry.
  • For domestic guests, obtain Korean's resident registration number.
  • Address, date of birth
  • Obtain departure date and time.
  • Obtain other information deemed necessary by the hotel.

Article 6 (Cancellation of Reservations by Hotel)

  • The hotel reserves the right to cancel reservation for accommodations for the following reasons:
    1. If it is determined that a situation under Article 2 Clauses 1-12 has occurred.
    2. If the reservation deposit has not been paid by the date specified by the hotel.
    3. If the guest does not provide the information requested in Article 3.
    4. If the guest does not abide by the prohibited conditions and regulations of use set by the hotel, and engages in acts such as smoking in the bedrooms, mischievous play with firefighting equipment, etc.
  • The hotel will not retain reservation deposit for services that were not provided to a customer who was denied lodging (Article 2) or a customer who cancelled his/her reservation (Article 6) due to the hotel's regulations.

Article 8(Guest Registration)

  • Guests must register the following information at the front desk on the day of their stay.
    1. Guest name, age, gender, address, contact telephone number, and occupation 
    2. Departure date and planned departure time
    3. Other information deemed necessary by the hotel
  • International guests who do not have an address in Japan are required to present a scan or copy of their passport and register their nationality, passport number, port of entry, and immigration date in addition to the information listed above.
  • Guests who wish to pay the fees stipulated in Article 13 using traveler’s checks, hotel vouchers, credit cards, or any other alternative for currency must present this in advance when registering the information above. Be aware currency payment will not be accepted if the hotel has notified the guest in advance that currency is not accepted.

Article 8 (CHECK-IN TIME)

  • Check in time is after 3 o'clock.
  • The hotel may request a room deposit equaling a sum of 1.5 times the accommodation fee via credit card or another payment method recognized by the hotel.

Article 9 (CHECK-OUT TIME)

  • Check out time is 12:00 noon.
  • For late check outs until 17:00, 50% of the room rate surcharge will be added.
  • For late check outs beyond 17:00, a full day's room rate will be added.

Article 10 (Hours of Operations)

The hotel's hours of operation can be temporarily changed without advance notice.

Article 11 (Payment)

  • Payment should be made to the hotel cashier via a payment method recognized by the hotel, or hotel coupon upon check-out, or when requested by the hotel. Personal checks are not acceptable.
  • The hotel will charge the full room rate following checking in of guests, even if guests do not stay in the room. Room rates are quoted on a single occupancy basis. Additional charges will be made for additional persons sharing the same room unless otherwise specified by the hotel.
  • Accommodation Charges shall be paid even if the guest voluntarily does not utilize the accommodation facilities provided for him by the hotel and are at his disposal.

Article 12 (Observation of Accommodation Regulations)

Guests of the hotel should observe all regulations set by the hotel.

Article 13 (Refusal of the Accommodations)

The hotel reserves the right to refuse accommodations to anyone for the following reasons :

  • If it is determined that a situation under Article 2 Clauses 1-12 has occurred.
  • If any provision of the contact is violated.

Article 14 (Responsibility of Lodgers)

Guests are expected to adhere to the rules and regulations of the hotel form the moment the guest (s) checks in to the hotel at the Front Desk to the moment the guest (s) removes all belongings from the room and checks out of the hotel.

Article 15 (Key Card Issuing and Return (Excluding smart keys))

  • A card key will be issued to guest (s) upon check in and registration at the Front Desk. This card key should be returned to the hotel's cashier upon settlement of the bill and check out.
  • Should a card key be lost or stolen, it must be reported to the Front Desk immediately.
  • Should the guest lose a card key, he/she is held responsible for the loss. The hotel may request compensation for the lost card key.
  • Should a card key be unknowingly taken from the hotel's premises by guest (s) following check out, the card key should be returned to the hotel by mail or other appropriate means.

Article 16 (Handling of Deposited Articles)

  • The hotel shall compensate the guest for the damage when loss, breakage or other damage is caused by lists goods, cash (cash only confirmed by the front desk staff). We will only pay damages if we have intention and negligence. However, if the hotel asks for the exact type and cost of cash or valuables but the guest does not provide such information to the hotel, the maximum amount of compensation will be limited to 500,000 KRW.
  • The hotel shall compensate the guest for the damage when loss, breakage or other damage is caused, through intention or negligence on the part of the hotel, to the goods, cash (cash only confirmed by the front desk staff) or valuables which are brought into the premises of the hotel by the guest. However, We will only pay for articles excepted of which the kind and value has not been reported in advance by the guest. However, if the hotel asks for the exact type and cost of cash or valuables but the guest does not provide such information to the hotel, the maximum amount of compensation will be limited to 500,000 KRW.
  • Art works, ceramics, etc. will not be considered as deposited articles.

Article 17 (Custody of Baggage and/or Belongings of the guest)

  • When the baggage of the guest is brought into the hotel before his arrival, the hotel shall be liable to keep it only in the case when such a request has been accepted by the hotel. The baggage shall be handed over to the guest at the front desk at the time of has check-in.
  • If the hotel finds baggage or belongings that a guest has left behind after his/her check-out, and no further instruction is given to the hotel by the owner, the hotel shall keep the article for months and then dispose of it. However, valuables and items of personal information (ID,credit card, etc.), will be reported to the police station within 7 days. Food products and magazines will be disposed on the same day.

Article 18 (Liability in regard to Parking)

The hotel shall not be liable for the maintenance of guest's vehicle when the guest utilizes the hotel's parking lot, and it shall be regarded that the hotel simply offers the space for parking.

Article 19 (Liability of the guest)

  • The guest shall compensate the hotel for any damage caused through intention or negligence on the guest's part.
  • The hotel shall not be held liable for accidents caused by incompliance with the rules of use specified by the hotel.

Article 20 (Liability of the hotel)

  • The hotel will provide compensation if damages are caused to the guest in the process of conducting the details of lodging contracts or other related contracts.
  • If damages are caused to the guest due to the hotel's negligence, the compensation for damages will be limited from the points of check-in to check-out.

Article 21 (When the reserved room could not be provided by the hotel)

  • When the hotel is unable to provide the room reserved by the guest, the hotel will ask for the guest's understanding and offer a new room with the same conditions as much as possible.
  • If the hotel fails to offer another room in cases unrelated to the previous clause, the hotel will provide compensation equaling the penalty fee to the guest. This fee will be considered as meeting the compensation for damages. If the hotel is not responsible for being unable to provide the room to the guest, compensation fee will not be provided.

Article 22 (Legislation)

The above stated terms will be interpreted and executed according to the legislation of the Republic of Korea as the governing law, and will be mediated by the district court that has jurisdiction over the hotel.

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