SOTETSU HOTELS Efforts to Prevent
the Spread of Novel Coronavirus
—For the Safety of All Guests—

SOTETSU HOTELS is taking the following measures to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus,
ensure health and safety of our guests and employees, and help our guests use our facilities with peace of mind.
We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences these may cause our guests, and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
*The response at our international hotels is in accordance with the circumstances of the country of location
and that country’s measures against the spread of infection.

Requests to our dearest guests

Please refrain from visiting the hotel
if you are experiencing fever,
coughing, or other symptoms.

Please gargle, wash,
and disinfect your hands.

Please wear a mask
outside of the guest rooms.

Please ventilate your room
during your stay.

Please maintain a set distance
when lining up at the front desk.

Please maintain distance
within the elevators.

Please have one representative
from your party go through
procedures at the front desk.

Please use the check-in and check-out machines as well as the automated payment machines. (Some hotels)

  • Please let us take your temperature when arriving at the hotel.
  • Please inform the front desk staff if you feel ill during your stay.
  • If your room is equipped with an air purifier, we ask that you use it.
  • While we disinfect everything guests touch with their hands, those concerned about using the provided amenities are asked to consider bringing their own.
  • Please use a credit card or other form of cashless payment.
  • Please maintain distance within the smoking booths. (Some hotels)

Efforts at Our Hotels

We have increased periodic
disinfections, patrols,
and housekeeping within guestrooms.

We regularly ventilate the entrance
and other areas within the hotel.

Information on the hotel is distributed through written documents or provided on the TV screen within guestrooms.

We have placed acrylic panels at the front desk and have implemented other measures to protect against spraying.

We disinfect room keys
every time they are collected.

Members of staff wear masks.

The temperature and physical condition of staff members are checked
when they arrive at work.

Disinfectant has been placed
within the hotel and in guestrooms.

  • We have installed check-in and check-out machines as well as automatic payment machines.(Some hotels)
  • We accept credit cards and other forms of cashless payment.
  • We have prohibited the use of electric hand dryers and have placed paper towels in their stead.
  • We have placed air purifiers in guest rooms. (Some hotels)

Efforts at Our Restaurants

We regularly ventilate the restaurant.

We have set up protective screens. (Some hotels)

We ensure distancing between tables
when seating guests.

Members of staff wear masks.

The temperature and physical condition of staff members are checked when they arrive at work.

Alcohol disinfectant
has been placed at the entrance.

  • The way breakfast is served at some of our restaurants has been changed. (Changing from buffet style to a set menu, etc.) See here for efforts at individual hotels.

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